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Management, Operations & Training – Container Terminal, Port of Beirut, Lebanon

Portia was partner in Beirut Container Terminal Consortium the local joint venture company established to manage and operate the premier container terminal in Lebanon.  Portia initially provided start-up support and the senior management at the terminal and are also managed the procurement and installation and user training for a computerised terminal operating system (TOS). Portia undertook a programme of training and mentoring of Lebanese “counter-part “staff to enable them to become fully acquainted with the management and operation of a modern container terminal is also being undertaken.

Portia deployed a team of equipment trainers during the pre-start-up and start-up phases and developed a “Train the Trainer” programme to ensure local trainers could deliver quality training internally.

Portia also delivered a range of training throughout this concession including but not limited to Health and Safety Training, Hazardous Cargo Training, Operational Management Training and Vessel Yard Planner Training.