Time Lapse video of CRMG Cranes at The Port of Liverpool

Portia would like to share this time lapse video from Peel Ports, showing 5 cantilever rail-mounted gantry (CRMG) cranes being discharged in the Port of Liverpool. These are the first batch of a total of 10 CRMGs’ being installed as part of the next phase of growth at Liverpool2, the port’s deep-water container terminal.

Portia’s Senior Engineer Richard Cheetham Snr. is working with Peel Ports and the leading Chinese manufacturer, Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co (ZPMC) during the unloading, installation and commissioning phases.

These 5 new cranes are the first of two deliveries in 2021, which will complete the set of 22 CRMG cranes operating as part of the £400 million Liverpool2 project, and will provide additional capacity for growing volumes of cargo. 

The second batch of 5 CRMGs’ as shown below have now embarked on their journey of 11,831 nautical miles from Shanghai, China.  Each crane measures 35 metres in height with a weight of around 500 tonnes.  Once completed, the L2 Terminal will have a total of eight STS and 22 CRMG cranes.