Portia – Pedigree Port Management and Operations

When it comes to port operations and management, experience matters. Portia’s professionalism has a transforming influence on the potential and performance of ports around the globe. From Mozambique in Africa to Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean, Lebanon in the Middle East, India and Australia, Russia and China, the UK’s largest and longest established port management company has provided proof that with Portia onboard, change can be achieved.

Portia as a non-exclusive business partner of the Port of Liverpool draws on expertise that can only come from hands-on experience and the management behind the contemporary success story of the UK’s most diverse port. The Port of Liverpool is the flagship of Britain’s second-largest port group, Peel Ports, which operates a range of ports and terminals encompassing every dimension of the industry.

With this unique pedigree, Portia Management Services can take its support to achieve high key performance indicators. Portia Management Services provides practical support and we offer every form of assistance, from investigative assessment to taking full control. This also includes training to undertake large scale, comprehensive operations and management.

With experience spanning more than three decades, Portia has an unparalleled record of making a positive contribution to the development, management and operation of many and varied ports worldwide. Portia – the Port company that makes a world of difference.