The Synergy of Ports and their Communities

Port Technology, an online media company for ports and terminals, published a report on how the Port of Barcelona is increasing its engagement with local ‘stakeholders’ to boost innovation and productivity. The term stakeholder in this case referring to the community and local businesses in and around the Port.

Reading between the lines, it could be inferred that in the age of the global terminal operator, port communities have lost relevance in development of their local ports. Whilst the development of the global logistics networks has created unprecedented opportunity for many communities over the past 50 years, it is important that those communities closest to ports remain engaged and involved.

Historically, ports have always been places of exchange of goods and knowledge which has resulted in many globally significant cities today having ports at their heart. The article by Port Technology highlights an instance in which a large port has sought greater integration with its community to boost innovation and trade within its local area.

The article highlights the value of local communities in the ongoing development of and innovation within ports and Portia wholeheartedly welcomes this fact.

Portia itself has been a feature of the port’s community in Liverpool for decades. Our terminal management approach has always been collaborative and community-led as we have always worked with our local community partners to guide our decision making and deliver a holistic solution.

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