Building Resilient Ports in Challenging Times

There is no doubt that times are challenging, the last few years has seen rapid fluctuations and disruptions to the supply chain and logistics sector at large. It seems like there are few if any positive headlines in the news. This is why it is important to think about how to build resilient ports and terminals that can “weather storms”.

Portia has a background in working with ports and terminals experiencing challenges not typically found in a regular port so when times get difficult our experience comes to the forefront. Portia’s model of working closely with local and national stakeholders ensures that whatever challenges come our way, we have the backing of the communities we work within. Collaboration with local and national government ensures that regardless of the issues at hand, everyone involved is aware of the issues being faced and can prepare mitigation measures and assist in finding solutions together.

Portia have dealt with political instability, economic collapses, community strife, etc. We are confident that whatever happens, by staying close to our stakeholders and the communities within which we work, we will get back to those good news headlines far sooner.