A Greener Future for Ports

Interesting article on how ports around the UK are taking the lead on building sustainability into their operations and leading the logistics industry in a shift towards decarbonisation.

Having our head office located within the Port of Liverpool, Portia is fully supportive and proud to contribute to the Peel Ports Group’s commitment to becoming net-zero by 2040. Peel Ports is the first UK port to put a time frame on their commitment to net-zero and they have invested in a greener future for the last decade. Peel Ports have invested over 1.2 billion pounds in the last decade on sustainable infrastructure and technology including LED lighting across its ports and low emission equipment.

With the vast majority of the world’s traded goods carried by sea, reducing emissions at ports will be the key to hitting net-zero targets. Ports are essential nodes in the supply chain, providing the interface between all supply chain participants – importers, exporters, ocean transport providers, inland transport providers, customs and other government authorities.

As Port Operators, we are uniquely placed to assess the opportunities for lowering emissions across the maritime supply chain. At Portia Management Services, we would like to commend Peel Ports Group for their investments and commitment to this net-zero policy.