Project Management

Steve Gobbi

Steve is a highly experienced Master Mariner, Ships Master, Commercial Port Manager and Director, Harbour Master and Marine Superintendent.

Roger Armson

Roger has over 40 years of proven commercial, operational and financial experience with shipping companies, ferry operators, ports and consultancies.

Tim Smith

With 19 years Port Management and Consulting experience, Tim is an expert at saving the developers of new ports and terminals time, money and reputation.

Shan Hashmi

Shan is a highly qualified British Master Mariner, with over 25 years' expertise across the maritime industry, including management and safety training.

Tim Bownes

Tim has been involved with infrastructure projects for almost 40 years and has held senior engineering positions within the maritime sector for 25 years.

Bill Chalmers

Bill is a Port Specialist and a Master Mariner who has been involved in the maritime logistics business for nearly 50 years.

Chris Ingham

Chris has more than 30 years of professional experience of business development within the global maritime industry.

Andrew Francis

Andrew is a career professional with more than 40 years of experience in ports and shipping operations and development.

Ian Hurley

Ian has been involved in transport and logistics since 1978, initially land based, then specialising in maritime transport and logistics for the UK Ministry of Defence.

Phil Mawdsley

Phil has over 22 years of operational management experience across a range of areas including General Cargo, Containers, Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax and Trade Vehicles.