Record year for TMT and Portia – 97,066 teu in 2019

The management at TMT and Portia are pleased to announce that in 2019 the TMT terminal handled 97,066 teu. The TEU total for 2019 is the highest in the port’s history and came as no surprise to the terminal team who have gone above and beyond in order to grow the business. TMT’s previous record year was 2018 when the terminal handled 66,164 teu.

December 2019 was also a record month for the port, handling 12,037 teu with 9 vessel callings, beating the previous record set in June 2019 at 10,656 teu.

“The team here at TMT are extremely hardworking and I am proud to be a part of this team” – Peter Rothwell, Terminal Manager

The impressive results at TMT have been achieved by a combination of hard work and a programme of improvements to the infrastructure and refurbishing of the superstructure. TMT have also secured 2 additional Reach Stackers and a second Empty Handler and invested in an energy saving pump-back system in one of STS cranes that captures previously wasted kinetic energy generated by the crane and pushes it back into the main electrical grid.

“The strive for continuous improvement is the key to TMT’s success” – Banyar Aung, Chief Operations Officer