Portia – Specialists in Port, Ship & Installation (Supply Chain) Security

Portia’s team of Security Specialists have the global experience to support you in developing, enhancing and updating your security capabilities.  Portia can help ensure that your organisation meets operational and legislative security requirements in a cost-effective way that supports and enhances your operational activities.

The Portia team have experience in supporting clients within the UK, the EU and internationally (including the Middle East and Africa).  Our Experts are able to handle, and advise on, all aspects of security related matters; either regulatory requirement specific to your business, or to suit your particular needs. 

Generic Security Risk / Vulnerability Assessments are fundamental in ensuring that your current and future security arrangements both meet the requirements of your operations in a cost-effective way and meet any regulatory security requirements that are specific to your business.  This is essential in ensuring that:

  • Your customers maintain trust in your business.
  • Emerging Threats are taken account of.
  • Your Security Plans remain effective.
  • Security infrastructure is fit for purpose.
  • Emerging technologies are incorporated where appropriate.
  • Staff training is effective.

Regulatory Systems and Standards

  • International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code.     Our highly skilled team of Security Consultants can advise you on how best you can secure ISPS Code accreditation for your site, installation or ships.  Our expertise can ensure that you are supported at every level throughout the application process should you require it, including:
  • Carrying out Port Facility and Ship Security Assessments.
  • Developing Port Facility and Ship Security Plans.
  • Carrying out staff training.
  • Supporting your application for accreditation from the relevant “Contracting Government” Designated Authority.
  • EU Directive 2005/65 addresses Port Security, incorporating ISPS Code Port Facilities within the wider port Security arrangements and supports the delivery of a layered defence concept.  Portia can support the updating or development of your EU 2005/65 requirements, including:
  • Carrying out Port Security Assessments.
  • Developing Port Security Plans.
  • Carrying out staff training.
  • Supporting your application for accreditation from the relevant Competent Authority.
  • ISO 28000 is a high-level management system that enables an organisation to establish an overall supply chain security management system with some organisations looking to their service providers to meet related governmental or ISO supply chain security standards as a condition of being included in their supply chains.  Our Security Consultants can carry out a Threat & Risk Assessment for your site or facility and then support the production of:
  • A combined security management system incorporating overall security measures and linking the local procedures to Corporate requirements.
  • A procedures manual outlining the specific security measures for each section of the security management system.      

Portia’s experts will be able to advise you which system best suits your company or organisation and what factors you should consider.  This capability comes from our detailed understanding of the benefits of Security and the relevant regulatory requirements.

Security Training.        Our team of Security Specialists have carried out Security Training globally and can support your Security Training requirements through the development and delivery of generic and/or site/system specific training either at your location at our Liverpool site.