Portia proud to have supported the T2 Terminal

Portia held a small “thank-you” lunch for Richie Cheetham our Senior Engineer to mark the completion of the Portia’s work at Peel Port’s T2 Container Terminal in the Port of Liverpool.

Portia’s support had started in Phase 1 of the development way back in 2014 and completed last month.

It was apt that from the outside terrace of the restaurant there were great views across to the Port of Liverpool and the T2 Terminal cranes that Portia’s Engineers Richie Cheetham Snr and Patrick Voermantrouw (sadly no longer with us) had worked on so diligently.

Richie said: “You can see the T2 terminal cranes from miles around and I am so pleased to have played my part in this development. It is great to see how the T2 terminal has progressed and just how busy it has become. A successful T2 provides such a boost for the local and regional economy and is something we should all be proud of.”