Portia Meets Egyptian Transport Minister

Portia met with the Egyptian Transport Minister in London at a port infrastructure roundtable organised by the UK Government, Dept for International Trade.  Minister Kamel El Wazir addressed the event by outlining Egypt’s vision for its ports and maritime sectors followed by a brief on business opportunities, which included a number of terminal operations contracts.

Portia General Manager Colin Jones presented the Portia strategic vision to Minister El Wazir.  During his presentation, Mr Jones outlined Portia’s 40 years history in terminal operations as well as detailing latest Portia’s successes with its terminal concessions in Lebanon and Myanmar.

Following the success of the roundtable meeting, Portia is planning a follow up visit to Eygpt in early 2020.  Portia will be looking to generate local partnerships with a view to taking on terminal operations in Egypt and across the African continent.