Portia Guiding Your Freeport Bid

Portia is uniquely positioned to support organisations seeking to explore freeport development through its connection to Liverpool Freeport “the U.K.’s most successful Freeport” in the 1980s/90s.  Portia  worked closely with the Liverpool Freeport Management team on a wide variety of other Freeport and Free Zone projects overseas.

Over the last 30 years, Portia has supported companies and ports developing Free zones and Freeports across a number of countries internationally including;

  • Detailed analysis and modelling of the commercial and economic viability of a Free Zone adjacent to a major new container transhipment port in Oman (Raysut / Salalah Freezone)
  • Feasibility Study, Dammam Freezone, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which included a detailed analysis and modelling of the commercial, financial and engineering feasibility
  • Development of operating systems / procedures at Snake Island Freezone, Nigeria
  • Review of the Port Louis Free Trade Zone in Mauritius
  • Advised on the Isle of Man Freeport, U.K.
  • Provision of Technical Assistance for Development of Onne Freeport, Nigeria
  • Advised on Freeport development and procedures in Gdansk, Poland
  • Training Free zone personnel – China and Turkey

The U.K. government aims to create up to 10 freeports in locations across the UK.  The ‘Freeports’ will have different customs rules than the rest of the country.  The U.K. government believes the U.K. can benefit from the opportunities which Freeports can bring following departure of the U.K. from  the  EU and has set the following objectives for these Freeports:

  • Establish Freeports as national hubs for global trade and investment across the UK
  • Promote regeneration, attract investment, increase productivity and create jobs
  • Create hotbeds for innovation

The Consultation Process Closes on 22nd July 2020 with indications that the “bidding process” is expected to start in early 2021 leading to an announcement of successful applications.

Portia’s team encompasses the hands-on experience gained from developing Freeports and Free Zones internationally and developing and managing the U.K.’s most successful Freeport:-

  • Covering over 385 hectares of Dock Estate
  • Handled over £6 billion worth of merchandise
  • Liverpool Freeport Park distribution centre opened in 1989, heralded a new start for “port centric logistics”
  • >£30 million invested in development of state-of-the-art warehousing (Lift-Zone 1)
  • Lift-Zone 2 development of a further 250,000 ft. additional warehousing

Portia’s Specialists will act as a “sounding board” to prospective Freeport Operators, we can share our experience of applying for and subsequently operating and developing a Freeport. Let our team can guide you and advise on potential pitfalls of Freeport development and management.