Portia a partner of the Port of Liverpool

Portia is delighted to continue as a partner of the Port of Liverpool, Britain’s most diverse port in terms of cargoes handled. The Port of Liverpool with its diverse nature adds an invaluable dimension to the portfolio of expertise Portia exports globally. At Portia, we have taken this homegrown experience in port management to over 25 ports globally. Either directly or through joint ventures with affiliate companies.

Our knowledge base encompasses all aspects of the port industry and is the basis for searching, responsive assessment of projects, whether undertaken by individuals or teams of consultants. With our personnel being qualified in every discipline of port planning, operations and development you won’t find a better service. We appraise clients’ requirements and produce appropriate solutions. This is achieved by applying the knowledge secured from handling a comprehensive range of container, general and bulk cargoes on both conventional and specialised berths right across the globe.

The experience we have allows a rapid reaction to customer requirements. Our core team of experienced consultants, matched with the support of specialised staff from sister/affiliate companies are on hand to fulfil your needs. If you require any services related to the Port industry, please get in touch with our team of experts.