Port Skills in the U.K.

Portia attended the Port Skills and Safety (PSS) Skills Group launch last week and fully support the work that PSS and its members are doing on skills within the Port Sector.

The webinar was very well attended and it was great to see so many of the attendees keen to be involved in shaping the PSS skills agenda going forward.

PSS and its members are grasping the opportunity to work together on the provision of skills in the Maritime Sector, bringing together all the great work that is already taking place within the sector and driving it forward as one with member ports.

PSS were happy to see members volunteering to be part of the Working Groups and said that they will start developing the Terms of Reference Working Group. PSS envisage this will become their Steering Group and some questionnaires will be issued in order to collate some initial data.

Portia like PSS and its members, understand the issues surrounding currently surrounding skills in the Port Sector and are keen to see a sharing of best practice around skills and training and the development of a pathway towards more uniform training and qualifications within the industry.