Edy is a Maritime professional with >18 years’ experience in ports, shipping  operations  and customs development.  Skilled across a range of port management and operations areas including vessel and yard planning, gate and logistics management along with operations control.

Edy has successfully managed the optimisation of truck turnaround, vessel rotations and minimised operational costs by reducing congestion.  Edy has managed the implementation of the Radio Data Terminal (RDT) system into terminal operations and managed the implementation of contracts with a.  number of different stakeholders inc. Port  Authority and Shipping Lines.

Edy has also worked in the General Directorate of Customs in Lebanon and established the quality unit which oversaw workflow and process improvements and ISO 9001-Implementation.

Edy has delivered consulting services for global ports and terminals, including terminal efficiency and feasibility studies, port planning and the development of standard operating procedures.  Edy is able to provide auditing for terminals across a range of areas such as operations, maintenance, HR, health and safety, finance and procurement in order to identify and rectify any shortfalls.