Beirut Container Terminal Consortium Welcomes its First Vessel Berthing

The Gezari Shipping Line vessel the Electra A became the first vessel to berth at the BCTC terminal when she docked last night.  Gezari are a local company long associated with the Port of Beirut and so it is fitting that they have brought the first vessel back into the Beirut Container Terminal following last week’s disaster.

Staff at Portia’s partners BCTC have continued their hard work and it is their professionalism that has enabled 4 x STS Cranes to be “re-commissioned” ready for operations.

Terminal Manager Sarah Haidar told Portia that “BCTC is keen to welcome this first vessel and our staff are ready to get the job done.”   Sarah added that she anticipates that “BCTC will resume gate and logistics operations on 11th August as per normal schedules.”