BCTC Terminal Visit

Our friends and colleagues at BCTC had a boost last week when they were visited by Mr. Elie Zakhour (President of the International Chamber of Navigation, Beirut.  Mr. Zakhour met with Ziad Kanaan (Deputy General Manager), Sarah Haidar (Terminal Manager) and their teams who made presentations about the practical procedures and measures they implemented in response to the 4th of August explosion to ensure the Container Terminal returned to operational status as soon as was safely possible.

The BCTC team members explained that their first concern was to save their colleagues who were at the container terminal when the explosion occurred, and then to work tirelessly to get the operation back up and running. With their hard work the team succeeded in getting some of the cranes safely back into operation and operations at the terminal resumed one week after the explosion.

Mr. Zakhour paid tribute to the dedication and hard work the BCTC team have all shown in getting the terminal operational and making such great progress over the last 4 months.

Portia would like to echo the words of Mr. Zakhour and those of BCTC’s Terminal Manager Sarah Haidar when she said she was proud to be part of such a dedicated and hard-working team. 

Portia are proud to be associated with BCTC and would like to thank all working in BCTC for their continued efforts which have seen 10 of the STS Cranes recommissioned for container operations.