UK Maritime Week 10th -16th October

It is Maritime Week in the U.K. 10th -16th October and several events around the country are being held to highlight the past, present, and future of maritime trade in the U.K.

We would like to promote our local exhibit “Cannon Balls to Mammoth Teeth: Marine Archaeology” being held at Maritime Museum Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AQ, this Saturday 15th of October.

The exhibit will highlight the role of marine archaeology in expanding our knowledge of our nation’s history and how development of offshore renewable energies has aided this field of study. There will be artifacts and interactive experiences for visitors to see and experience.

Portia recommends this event to our followers, especially those with young children to attend and support these events recognizing our industry and providing valuable exposure to the younger generation.

For more information on this event or the others taking place around the U.K. this week, please visit: